How To Choose The Right Skip Bin

If you are renovating your home, perhaps installing a pool in your back garden or you have finally got round to clearing out the attic, then before you do anything else, you should make sure you contact a skip bin hire Perth company and organise a skip bin for all that rubbish you will accumulate. This is probably one of the most important jobs but one that is usually forgotten about. But loading your car and making multiple trips to and from a landfill site is the least economical and environmentally friendly way of rubbish removal. This article will talk about the skip bin size you need for your project and the best way to ensure you get the best value for your money.

While most people are interested in the cheapest skip bin hire, the costs can suddenly increase if you pick the wrong skip bin size. Pick a mini skip bins perth which is too small and you will have to order another one to take the rest of the rubbish. Too big, and you will be spending money on thin air. So if you are asking  “What size skip bin should I order?“here is a useful guide with exact measurements. 

1) 2 cubic metres

This mini skip bin size is perfect for small room or attic clearances. 2 cubic meters is similar in size to 2 standard box trailers or about 8 domestic wheelie bins

2) 3 cubic metres

This size will hold approximately 3 standard trailer and it also includes with a lockable lid to ensure no-one else can dump their rubbish into your bin. This size is ideal for a garage clear out.

3) 4 cubic metres

If you are undergoing minor renovations, then this popular option is the skip bin size for you. This is similar in size to 4 standard box trailers or approximately  16 wheelie bins.

4) 6 cubic metres

Renovating a large kitchen or bathroom? This 6 cubic meter skip bin is the equivalent to 6 standard box trailers or 24 wheelie bins.

5) 8 cubic metres

With the capacity of 8 standard box trailers or 32 wheelie bins, this is a great size for spring cleaning your entire home or landscaping your garden.

6) 10 cubic metres

This is the first of the larger skips sizes available from a skip bin hire Perth company.  Flexible for a variety of projects, this skip bin will hol 10 standard box trailers or 40 wheelie bins of rubbish.

7) 12 cubic metres

12 cubic metres is similar in size to 12 standard box trailers or48 wheelie bins. This size bin is often used by scrap metal collection firms and for builders for their industrial waste.

8) 15 cubic metres

This is quite similar to the 12 cubic metres skip but can fit 15 standard box trailers of 60 wheelie bin sizes. This skip bin size is most suitable for larger renovation projects.

9) 20 cubic metres

The skip bin of 20 cubic metres is same as 20 standard box trailers of 80 wheelie bins. Choose this size if you are undertaking a complete home renovation project.

10) 25 cubic metres

The 25 cubic metres is of a large and can store waste similar to that of 25 standard box trailers or100 wheelie bins approximately. This option is for major building works or complete estate clearances.

11) 31 cubic metres

If you are a commercial builder and need bins to fit exaction and earth removal this skip bin is equivalent to 31 standard box trailers or about 125 wheelie bins

What Size Skip Bin do I Need? Contact The Leaders in Skip Bin Hire Perth

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