Do You Get Money for Scrapping a Car?

Did you know that every year in Australia, over 500,000 end of life vehicles are disposed of in dumpsites? However before you resign out old car to the junk yard, you can actually use a scrap cars for cash service and have some money in your wallet. So what happens to your scrap car and do you get money for scrapping a car?

Well selling you car for cash has many advantages including giving you more space in your driveway and garage as well as the numerous environmental benefits.

Selling Your Car is God for Environment

Here are some of the top reasons why selling your scrap car is good for the environment.

Vehicle Part Recycling

Through cash for car services the individual car parts are recycled with little to no waste. A few of these useful parts include wheels, tires, doors, sound system, converters, batteries, belts and pipes as well as even smaller parts like floormats or mirrors. It also provides a cost effective choice for vehicle drivers intending to take repair work into their own hands.

Scrap Metal Repurposing

Your cars and truck’s Vehicle Parts aren’t the only items that can be reused. When your vehicle is stripped of its car parts, it is then broken down for its scrap metal. Iron, steel, aluminium as well as more will certainly be repurposed. This is very environmentally friendly due to the fact that it prevents the manufacture of brand-new auto parts and decreasing the ecological influence as well as the amount of natural deposits.

Safe Removal of Harmful Compounds

The benefits of cash for car companies is that they know exactly how to dispose of the more worrisome components of your car responsibly.  This includes harmful substances such as antifreeze, brake liquid, power steering liquid, battery acid etc. When your cars and truck is left at a landfill, you risk these substances entering rivers, the air, wildlife.

If you wish to do away with your auto but are concerned about leaving a hazardous environmental effect, you should definitely contact a car wrecker. The process is so simple and you will get great market rates including as much as $9,9999!

Call a reputable and industry leading car removals company like All Car Removals

Appraise the Car

Sign the paperwork

Accept the quote

Get instant cash

Free Vehicle Removal

All Car Removals are leaders in the we are leaders in Scrap car removal Perth. They have superior knowledge of the vehicle and scrap recycling industry and will expertly appraise your car and pay you instant cash based on the market value.

All Car Removal’s scrap car removal is quick, convenient, hassle free and gives you cash regardless of the make, model, condition and age of your vehicle. They will even remove your car for free.


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